ZTE Axon 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review!

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In-depth camera test between the ZTE Axon 7 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Enjoy!

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38 Comments on ZTE Axon 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Test Comparison Review!

  1. What a great review!! ?
    I am bigger fan of Axon 7 but Samsung camera kills it! For amateur as I am, I see that Axon 7 is better for taking pictures at daylight and that is what I mostly do.
    Cuz I am audiophile I am most curios how is the sound through headphones comparing to other flagships?

    Thanks again for an amazing review and greetings from Bosnia-Herzegovina ?

  2. Axon 7 camera is a beast for such a cheap device. It beats the s7 in color reproduction and detail/sharpness. S7 wins in low light and stabilization. Audio from axon 7 is slightly better too. I'd love to see more from the axon 7, maybe a comparison between axon 7 and op3, lg g4? Anyway nice video. You're the best.

  3. Aweeeeeeeeeesome as always man you're the best
    i am very confused i cannot afford to buy the S7 so i will ask you straight which phone is best to between Xiaomi mi 5 , One plus 3 and Zte Axon 7 pls reply and do the mega pixels really matter???

  4. thanks again for this test comparison.
    i aspected more from axon 7.
    s7 is incomparable.
    can u tell me why in slowmtion axon 7 video is faster than s7? whats the difference in FPS?
    thank u again man!

  5. Guys when you compare the camera and video recording of the lg g5 and lg g4..the only difference is the wide angle lens right..what about the microphone?

  6. damn it l bs, I've never seen a camera comparison greater then this. Just how I would love to know the camera. This is what I call in depth comparison. For the price of its own, axon 7 sure is good. But it seems that it has a green tint. Waiting for a battery and gaming test if you have it. Thanks so much for your effort in making this vids

  7. s7 wins almost all aspects but sound is on par and I prefer the zte's color it's a lot natural, not so much processing. great vid as always! still waiting on that gaming and memory management test.

  8. How can one say that the zte camera is better….. it's worse in every major aspect. Focus, Color, Slow-mo, OIS …..are some people having eyesight problems ?

  9. So S7 quicker focus, better in low light, better stabilisation
    Axon7 better in bright day light, more natural colour, less over processed, better for crops?
    Audio sounded a little disapointing on the axon

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