ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case 8500 MAH

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ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case 8500 MAH

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The world’s highest capacity Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery case @ 8500mAh. It offers up to 150% extra battery life.
Piano Black Color Full Edge Wrap TPU Case-in-One Construction built to endure hard drops & heavy shocks. No more brittle Back Covers that offers no protection to your phone.
4 LED Lights to indicate battery levels and charge status. Integrated button allows you to choose when to charge for when you need it most. Know before you go.
Pass through Quick Charge 2.0 Support Phone Only. Special-designed external shared charging function allows charging other device simultaneously.
180 days Zero Lemon Warranty Guarantee with Amazon 30 days Full Refund Guarantee; Longest warranty period in market; 24 hours / 6 days a week support; 100% Zero Defect Guarantee.

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4 Comments on ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case 8500 MAH

  1. here's the thing with zero lemon… it's works great for 9 months and then it becomes a lemon. I've bought their batteries 3 times, loved the extra life… I mean awesome… then they stop charging, so if you want awesome for (I paid $60), for about 9 months go for it. caveat, I had the zero lemon for my S3. I have not tried it for the s7 edge which I have. they could have improved their battery life overall.

  2. Can you change the thumbnail to the image within the first 5 seconds? This way you'll get more people clicking on the video as it will seem more legitimate than it is – lots of FAKE s7 edge zerolemon videos.. hope that helps. Thx!

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