Zagg Invisible Shield HD Dry for Galaxy S7 Edge

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Unboxing, install, and review of the Zagg Invisible Shield HD Dry model for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Pick one up at the following link –

25 Comments on Zagg Invisible Shield HD Dry for Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. Just purchased this. Install was easy. There are some bubbles but that was my fault as I didn't clean the screen good enough. I currently have the Otterbox Commuter on it with no issues so far.

  2. mate put something under the phone or by the time you are done with front of the screen you will have scratches at the back. other than that great review. thanks

  3. just a bit disappointed with it on my galaxy S7 it seems after two weeks it's starts to peel in the same spot over and over again.this will be my third time installing it at my carrier service.Just to much money for this to be happening.although the positive side of this I do like how it feels on the is easy to clean.and yes I had it covered on the back as well as the front plus I have it in a good phone case can't be to careful with my investment.

  4. Maybe you can compare it with one from Spigen to see which one is better. It seems to me that Spigen did better job than Zagg but without objective comparision we shall never know.

  5. Zagg is the worst Investment ever. 95% of cases will begin to lift the edges up. I have spent over $200 on Zagg Products. I own 2 S7edges and both have gone through over 4 each.

  6. Your bubble issue is from the case. I have the same issue on the same side. I took the case off for a week and the bubbles never came back up. I'm trying different cases to see if it happens again.

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