Youmiam will definitely awaken the chef in you

Youmiam will definitely awaken the chef in you

A French startup that was incubated by Microsoft Venture, Youmiam managed to establish itself as the social network of the recipe, at the intersection of Instagram, Pinterest, Tinder and tutorials on YouTube.

Youmiam was launched on October 5 by four young French nationals. Based on the operation of existing platforms in other areas such as music, photo or video they created the first social network dedicated to the kitchen. The app was resolutely thought for a generation that does not feel like getting lost in thousands of different recipes, rather prefer to have everything under the thumb placed on the smartphone.


A platform for sharing recipes

This revenue sharing platform offers a new way of cooking by following step by step of the preparations of the great traditional or more original recipe dishes, uploaded by the community of the app. Each member can post their recipe of course, but also make a selection of his favorite dishes. They can also ask questions to the community cooks.


Easy and simple to use

By creating a platform both visual and user-friendly Youmiam highlighted the importance to food pictures given by the community. The site opens with a streamlined interface with photo thumbnails. A recipe is basically a slideshow and each slide represents a different step in the recipe. At the bottom of each, the name of the dish. Just click to see the recipe and it’s also integrated throughout the web, as a video.


The easiest way to find your favorite food recipe

Finding one is even easier with the integration of a system of hashtags and, more recently, a kind of Tinder recipe. Thus, after entering various criteria, you will be guided to the recipe that fits both your needs and what you have in your kitchen. The app can search for recipes by themes or trends, but also according to what’s in your refrigerator. A clever way to fight against food waste.


Another plus point is if you like a particular recipe, you can instantly find a shopping list necessary for making the dish. The list is also accessible from the app, even outside Internet connection.


Completely free for the user, it earns today with partnerships with the brands of the food that can suggest recipes to make with their products. Youmiam is undoubtedly a successful app, the use of which may be daily or only at a party with friends. And it will not fail, in any case, to whet your appetite!

The app is available on Android and iOS.


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