You’ll see it #powerof10

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We’re obsessed with perfecting every image and video experience. You’ll see it. 4/12. #powerof10

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  1. I just hope that HTC advertising and marketing this time around is going to be strong, and blow away the Samsung phones and of course the iPhone too. Way to go HTC. Proud of ya and your team by listening to your customers.

  2. i never been so obsessed about htc's product like this 10let's hope the camera will be 12Mpx wide pixel with laser auto focus OIS ,laser auto focus and 1.6/1.7 opening "lens".RAW mode and  UHQ 4K video with AHDR  Auto High dynamique range.

  3. Look, I had the M7, the M8 and I have the M9 right now as my "daily driver". I REALLY hope that HTC will step their game up in the camera department this time around.. I still love each one of their flagship devices within the past 4 to 5 years, yup, even the EVO Design and EVO 4G! I can't wait to see this thing unveiled. I will hopefully be watching it live on my computer. TEAM HTC ALL THE WAY!!

  4. I'm pretty sure that external look will be pretty much the same like any iPhone (having in mind HTC A9), plus some camera changes. Since they removed a BoomSpeakers – I'm looking forward for another phone, like Huawei P9 Plus with Leica optics or smth. Sadly..

  5. If the phone is as good as the Ads potray it to be, I will trade in my S7 Edge immediately. Sound quality is the worst on any phone I have ever owned… Save me HTC

  6. From a marketing point of view: awesome 'moments' advertising!
    From a consumer point of view: gimme, i want one!
    From my point of view: good work catering to shallow consumers, who're in for the 'best camera' to post crappy 512×512 pictures on instagram…

  7. lmao touting "THE BEST SMARTPHONE CAMERA "?!!! your trippin…I have the S7 edge which IS the best camera in the world on a smartphone. two years in a row Samsung has this tittle. even then I expected more of the camera. It's still not as good as it could be. night shots still suck

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