Xperia™ ZR – The new waterproof smartphone from Sony

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Go below the surface with the new smartphone from Sony that lets you experience underwater filming in Full HD. Find out how Xperia ZR packs all of Sony’s camera expertise into a sleek smartphone and helps you make a splash and share it with just a single touch.

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36 Comments on Xperia™ ZR – The new waterproof smartphone from Sony

  1. Water borne Disease paralyzed world’s most publicized waterproof phoneAre you surprised, please don’t be, Amazing but true, this happened with me, my Z2 phone started misbehaving after updating it from Lollipop to Marshmallow recently. As soon as it was updated the touchscreen and microphone became partially defunct and the authorised service station engineer says this is a water seeping problem, and it can be cured only by replacing the display screen & probably mic also, and the reason for dysfunction reported by them is water.
     I am al a loss to understand, if this is a waterproof phone, which can withstand swimming pool photography & Havans.

  2. My Z3 compact's backlight doesn't turn on anymore after using it underwater in a pool and I didn't submerge it anywhere near 4 feet
    No water damage the litmus paper didn't turn red that means no water damage the ports were all closed and yes the pool was chlorinated but I always rinsed it after and this is the third time I swam with it

  3. Hello Sony Xperia! I wanted to buy this smartphone. I am from the Philippines but I want the mint version. Would the US version work here in my country?

    And, Xperia A is Xperia ZR of Japan, right? Is there any way I could switch the covers? Like I would take a cover from Xperia A so-04e and I would put it in Xperia ZR. Is it possible? Thanks!

  4. Help, Most notifications and ringtones work fine but all other media has no sound unless i connect to headphones. Theres also no sound on all incoming and outgoing calls, the person on the other end of the call cannot hear me and I cannot hear them, but when i call on loudspeaker i have sound and the other person can hear me. Volumes and other audio setting seem to be on the correct setting.

    What will I do answer my question please ?

  5. Hola me acabo de comprar el xperia ZR, mi pregunta es la siguiente: En este anuncio, se ve que el chico que tiene el xperia ZR toca algo y después le aparece en la pantalla "water resistance", que es lo que hace para que le aparezca eso? Es realmente sumergible? Me da miedo meterlo en el agua porque lo acabo de comprar…

  6. como es el funcionamiento tecnico para hacer llamadas tuve problemas con xpiria L el parlate y los multimedias no funcionaron siempre me escuchan malal hacer llamadas…. quiero seguir la linea sony pero voy con miedo .

  7. Water gets in from the back where the flash light is located, but it doesn't pass through the orange rubber part where the battery is located, will that damage my Xperia ZR or is that  the way it works, i need help, thanks

  8. Just talked to BELL as suggested by Chat Support Lidia.
    While official version of Sony is water resistant – here comes official port about WATERPROOF….this is cheating and fraud.

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