Xperia Z5 Premium: Hands On with the First 4K Smartphone

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It’s a supersized superglossy superspecced smartphone – but let’s face it: the first thing people see when they look at the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is “4K phone.” We went eyes-on (and hands-on) with the record-breaking handheld; join us for a quick look from IFA 2015 in Berlin!


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38 Comments on Xperia Z5 Premium: Hands On with the First 4K Smartphone

  1. you are to negative about it, well sony has the guts to do more, and apple is always still most expensive for the less they put in it! i love the mirror effect on it and 3GB ram and the octacore snapdragon and water ressistent what do you want more still there is mooore , good job SONY, i use sony for 6 years now and never turned back to other brands! Z5 premium is going to be my new friend :))

  2. 4k disply is more or less useless right now. Theres no content to support it. Its harder on batterylife then qhd screen and in some cases is overall worse of a display (galaxy s6 has a overall better display). Its gona murdeur the GPU and to top if all off it bumps the price of the phone significantly. QHD atleast had some good arguents as their was a decent amount of content for it,it was impossible to distinguish the pixels and would bump the brigtness up significantly.

  3. 1000$ is equal to 60000 rupees …

    And a iphone 6 128gb costs 70000

    In India , so I would say getting this in India is pretty much normal ,if one has the money .

    Im waiting to.see if a phone's coat will be more than a lakh rupees ..thats would be crazy 

  4. 4k is where we're headed in both smartphones and home theatre. So if you have a 4k REC able phone…why not be able to view it on the phone w/ 4k screen? Makes sense. Strong selling point IMHO for the Z5P. Just lacking a built-in stylus a la Note 5. Making the Note 5 THE phablet to own yet again. Why would any one buy a phablet w/o the stylus? Nice to be able to sign documents/contracts when you're out. Or just be able to do annotations using the S-Pen…then email it.

    Looking FWD to seeing what Samsung will do with their Note Pro tablet replacement…upgrade it with the same features of the Note 5 phone? Probably.

  5. No, the first thing I see when I look at the Z5 Premium is "It looks exactly like the last 4 models". Come on Sony, at least Samsung tries to innovate on design with the S6 Edge – can't you make a sexy phone instead of the usual glass brick? Call me a snob but If I'm going to be dropping £600+ on a new phone then I want other people to know it's the latest and greatest model without having to tell them.

  6. If Apple did it you would've been dancing in this video while praising its amazing innovation. You tried so hard to get your followers to stay away from this phone it shows clearly. Why u so mad bro? They didnt let you play with the os ???? awww. Definitely unsubscribing from your future crap videos. Looks like pocket now sold out to Samsung and Apple!

  7. BTW , i dont think am going for any sony smartphone in fact any one with Glass Back , after breaking z3 in 1 month with not even single drop. Sony better to put Almunium back or something else. Other than that have no complain.

  8. The term "useless" doesn't even begin to describe what kind of energy consuming bullshit 4k is on a smartphone. You need the vision of a hawk to be able to discern 806 PPI, but companies keep shoving useless specs for incredible amounts of money, and tech geeks immediately line up and beg to have their money taken so they can show it off.

  9. iphone is shit , you shit dumb american …. if anyone says iphone is technology , either he is really dumb and know nothing about technology , or he have a contract with apple .

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