Xperia Z5 from Sony – the best camera in a leading smartphone*

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Life moves fast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore its beauty. Xperia Z5 puts the power of perfect photography in your hands, so you can do just that.

Featuring the fastest autofocus in a leading smartphone**, Hybrid Autofocus catches every detail of the action, and the 5x Clear Image Zoom ensures that no quality is lost when you want to move a little closer. Plus, using superior technology for low-light scenes, revel in the power of snapping from dawn until dusk.

Teamed with up to 2 days’ battery life, one-touch fingerprint unlock, and a beautifully exquisite design, Xperia Z5 is built for the ultimate capture.


37 Comments on Xperia Z5 from Sony – the best camera in a leading smartphone*

  1. How about toning the megapixels down and turn in HDR. Will low light photos improve? and how about the seemingly eternal issue of purple fringing in low light photos? Has Sony got any tips on that? How about a software update on newer phones like the M5 and Z5 series?

  2. Sony I love your phones so much. but for now I'll have to get a Samsung. but this isn't the end of my Sony Xperia Love. I'll always love xperia. I just don't understand why your friendship with T-mobile ended. probably when I get enough money I'll actually get another xperia. but for now. I'll always love chu!

  3. yo tengo un z5 lo único que pido que mejoren son dos cosas la primera esque me gustaría que al modelo normal del próximo Z6 venga en resolución 2K, y la segunda esque pongan una mejor protección al lente de la cámara para que no se raye fácilmente es lo único

  4. sony xperia z5 permuim camera software suck. like Digital zoom. picture not good and hight speed taking picture look bad.
    I am fan of sony I did use sony xperia z1, z2. now z5 permuim no more hight speed camera shutter long press.
    software camera need fix .zoom to like optical zoom not digital zoom.
    my Family use Iphone 6s plus, and Galaxy notes 5. software. much more batter. speed camera. optical zoom more sharp.
    I wish sony fix camera software more function like Galaxy note 5.

  5. I have the Z5 since Launch in the UK and I love it, does all I need it to and keeps going 2-3 days, This is why I love Sony, I have had all the Xperia Z series phones, they just keep getting better!

  6. Oh the 0:45 depth of field are better than Sony A7 full frame and capture faster than A99 DSLR, I as the purchasing director will abandon all sony full frame camera purchasing plan because their camera don't do better as what this video try to show.

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