Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Speed Test (4K)

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We put the brand new Xperia Z3 against the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.
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40 Comments on Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Speed Test (4K)

  1. Ur just comparing the speed of opening the app. But if both phone almost reach its limit in memory, the speed of Z3 is still the same, while the iphone starts to get crappy

  2. Internet loading times dont represent properly when loading the same things on the same network me and my friend tested this on 3ds who ever clicked start first on internet tasks and eshop or downloads etc. were always faster this was even the case with my new 3ds vs original 3ds =/ 

  3. i am confused on what this proves. u do realize since you are clicking the screen u have to factor human error. u aint perfect. just figure out the specs on the speed difference and there your answer

  4. Wait this test is pointless cause your just comparing how well optimized an app is on one store to the other not actual specs. Bench mark them see how fast they can do processing and stuff.

  5. Android apps are poorly coded. Whilst Lollipop had caught up disregarding the memory leak, the apps for Android are crap. They're usually ports of iOS version. 

  6. the only thing that is good in iPhone that its single thread performance wich gives her the advantage in opening apps little faster however the xperia still so fast .
    ethe extra 2 gbs of ram in the xperia gives it advantage in multitasking
    so I can say that apple is going down !!!!!!!! 

  7. Would like to make a point. When you were loading the videos of course the Z3 will be slightly delayed because it's resolution/display is much better and will adjust to the video -.- 

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