Xperia™ Z3 – a premium waterproof* smartphone in a stunning durable design

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Introducing the latest smartphone from Sony, Xperia Z3. Switch up your mobile experience with a phone that packs a punch on power and performance, including an unprecedented 2 day battery life* and 5.2” Full HD Display. Dive into the best ever Sony waterproof** technology and capture photos underwater with a 20.7MP camera.

Don’t settle for good, demand great. #XperiaDetails

Featuring the song ‘Glow’ by Iyes.

*Based on multiple battery performance testings conducted between July and September 2014 in a laboratory under an active use conditions reflective of the Typical Smartphone User by Sony Mobile Communications AB. For more information see:

**In compliance with IP65 and IP68, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact are protected against the ingress of dust and are waterproof. Provided that all ports and covers are firmly closed, the devices are (i) dust tight and (ii) protected against low pressure jets of water…

31 Comments on Xperia™ Z3 – a premium waterproof* smartphone in a stunning durable design

  1. my Sony has very poor voice quality in hands free situation no volume no one is able to increase its level. also the ring tone is very low increasing volume is activated in settings very disappointed with this part of its operation. other than that a brilliant mobile

  2. I'm watching this on my Xperia Z3, I've also tested it in water ? and I've had no dramas with it. This is the third Xperia phone I've owned which were the Xperia Z and Xperia 10, I've actually used these phones since they originally were called Sony Ericsson, now they're just Sony. They're Absolutely fabulous smart phones and I for one LOVE them.

  3. Ha 5 meses comprei um sony xperia z3. Ha 3 meses ele ja estava dando sinais de problema, a tela demorava para ligar e o visor periodicamente funcionava apenas pela metade com tarjas pretas e coloridas na metade que não funcionava. Liguei na assistência técnica e o atendente disse que isso era um problema do meu número de série. (O que me leva ao primeiro questionamento, se a Sony sabia do problema porque nao contataram para um recall?) Segui fazendo o reset master por algumas vezes, o que resolvia o problema por algum tempo, até que na ultima experiência, seguindo o passo a passo do Sony Bridge, desliguei o meu aparelho quando indicado pelo programa e ele nao ligou mais, nem a luz que indica o carregamento dava sinais. Tentei os botões alternativos para ligar, volume+ligar e também o botão amarelo escondido entre as gavetas dos chips e também nao tive respostas. Levei a assistência técnica e eles me deram o prazo de 20 dias úteis para o concerto. (Além desse problema a borracha que veda da porta de cartões do celular estava soltando, repito, com 5 meses de uso).
    Conclusão, tenho um aparelho novíssimo e na garantia e tenho que esperar 1 mês para solucionarem um problema que a Sony ja tinha consciência. Não comprem um Sony, não comprem um Sony Xperia Z3, e especialmente se puderem não comprem um Android. Tenho um Iphone4 velho, trincado, desatualizado que ja caiu na agua 4x e mesmo não sendo a prova d'agua está me salvando firme e forte durante essa péssima experiência. O preço pago não vale pela dor de cabeça. O sonho: meu dinheiro de volta!
    DO NOT BUY!!!!

  4. I'm proud owner of Sony Xperia Z3. Very good manual camera, powerfull battery 5/5 stars ( avarage Screen on time 6 hours +, best 7 hours; sometimes battery last 4-5 days by one charge), nice job with IP68 – i wash my experia every night with clean water, I love the back glass- feel so premium. At 2016 Samsung added the "nessecary" water resistance and cooling system (Z5 has it), and for their bad luck Sony already has them.
    I hope Sony add control at shutter speed of camera and the phone will be king of low light photos.
    I know why Sony fail underwater – if u make photos underwater, water will go through camera button to the phone. So dont use it underwater. There are no problems if u want to wash it :)

  5. Having sony 1st time i have sony i think this is the best smartphone i ever have… All package in 1 gadgets i use it every and every app install by itself is very useful. I've been using a lot of smartphone but this one is the best. I love the speaker, screen, cam and the best is the design very unique.

  6. My Z3 was not waterproof and Sony rejected warranty claims. The advertising is mislang. Better don't try to use it under water. It can become a very expensive picture or movie.

  7. I've been wanting the Z3 Comapct for a long time now and watching this video while listening to the Battlefield 3 Theme really annoys me with my flat bank account X_X

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