Xperia Z1S Camera: The Best Waterproof Smartphone Camera?

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See the raw Z1S sample photos, including pictures not seen in this video, at Pocketnow: (Full description below)

UPDATE: T-Mobile has responded to our request for clarification. The press material accompanying this device was incorrect; there is no OIS on this unit. The camera movement we saw is a result of the camera’s autofocus system. Pocketnow regrets the error.

When we first laid eyes on the Sony Xperia Z1S last month at CES 2014, we weren’t exactly blown away. Not because there was anything wrong with the device -its specs were great and its glossy glass construction was just as fetching as it had been on the Xperia Z1 we’d reviewed some months before- but because there wasn’t much to set it apart from that smartphone.

Sony must’ve thought so too, because it came to the show with some revised branding for its new flagship variant. The company immediately positioned the Z1S as “the world’s best camera…

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  1. Yeah,  the phone works great in the water for a little while, after a few weeks of taking the covers off and on they must wear out.  I had made sure all my covers were correctly seating about 3 or 4 times before going into the water,  Afterwards I noticed that my camera was getting fogged up on the inside.  The next week, I was in a pool taking pictures and the phone got water in it and it now has water damage.  Sony will not cover it because they say on the phone that they can not confirm that the covers were on correctly.  Anyways, Luckily after talking to a few T mobile reps, they decided to replace my phone.  T Mobile is now telling all costomers that they can not submerse their phone because of all the issues they have had with water damage on these so called waterproof phones

  2. I am impressed. I watch the whole video, no because, I am fan of the Sony Xperia products, but because of the professional level that you showed in this review. Kudos to you!

  3. I don't want to say it, but this is definitely something for the folks who like to bring their phone into the bath, lmao. I just can't understand those people.

  4. You actually made the Xperia Z1 seem very attractive..

    When the Z1 initially came out, it seemed only like an incremental upgrade (not surprising as both phones were released in the same year), with the camera and display being only marketing ploys. The reviews supported my opinion, until your camera review came along.

    Now, I may actually consider an Xperia phone again once it's high time for me to upgrade. The last time was the Xperia Z, which in the end had too many compromises for me to eventually consider.

  5. I have both the iPhone 5s and the Sony Z1s. I've had my 5s since it's launch on Sept 21st 2013 and I just bought my Z1s yesterday. So far, the way I see it the Sony is a much better smartphone for you know… Smartphone stuff (browsing the Web, navigation, YouTube, Netflix hulu, G+) an the Sony also has the better screen when I'm looking dead at it and the customization options are unrivaled by anything the iPhone has to offer at present. Look, I love the way my 5s looks and feels, I've kept mine in mint condition and treated her like my first born since the day I stood in line for 6 hours to get her, but to even my surprise the Sony exudes an even better industrial design and quality of Materials than even apple could muster with its latest offering, but where the iPhone does excel is in the camera department and also in the external speaker department as well. The camera on the 5s is a simple but very effective tool in capturing great shots at a moments notice. While the Sony is certainly capable of producing some stellar shots itself. It does require one to manually adjust certain setting to get the optimal picture. So in my opinion, sitting here holding both devices in hand if given adequate enough time to prepare for the proper shot the Sony can even come out on top, but in the more than likely everyday scenario, where time is of the essence, the iPhone holds the uncanny ability of being able to be pulled from ones pocket and snap the perfect shot within 5 seconds it wins in this regard. Now as far as the speaker on these 2 devices it's no contest the Z1s speaker does not lack volume but it is extremely tinny and distorts at higher levels… Now with that being said, I have been an iPhone user and fan since the iPhone 4 was released, and this is the first time since then that I've felt that any other device besides one designed in California demanded my attention. With its meticulous attention to detail and superb Build quality. Something else of note guys is I live in Los Angeles on T-Mobile I'm getting almost twice as fast LTE speeds with the Sony over my 5s I just did a speed test standing virtually in the same spot and as usual my 5s with 2-3 bars of LTE pulled a download speed of 13.89 and an up of 3.76 now my Z1s had a download speed of 28.05 and up of 14.23 also I keep LTE where my 5s goes in and out constantly so I still need a few more days to make up my mind on a final.decision but Sony definitely had a winner in its hands with the Z1s

  6. Hahahahahahaha "oh ooooooh …. Oh oh oh…. " hahahahahaha something no body can't forget, close all the gaps.

    But Michael, do you really buy this phone? Is better than the HTC one, cuz for me is the best android cell phone out there.

    And … Still working the phone after the little diving ahhahaha.?..?

    Great job, congrats.

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