Xperia™ Z1 TV Ad – The best of Sony for the best of you

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From the best hello to the best time, Xperia™ Z1 from Sony is designed to make your best moments even better.

We combined the best technology from Sony in a smartphone, so you can create, watch, listen and play better than ever before.

The best of Sony for the best of you.

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Music: Movin’ On Up performed by Lucy Rose (composer/arranger: Gillespie/Young/Innes)
Courtesy of Columbia Records/Sony Music

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20 Comments on Xperia™ Z1 TV Ad – The best of Sony for the best of you

  1. man i really hope that someone from sony replies to me.
    ive been a sony "fanboy" for freaking ages but i just cant stand the way sony is acting right now.
    > everyone keeps asking for smaller bezels but sony doesnt care.
    > sony gives up on upgrading older smatphones that are fully capable of android 5 experience
    > sonys smarthpones frontcameras totally suck
    > always almost completely identical design
    > noticed that sony phones even when they have the best hardware available are still slower than their competition
    > also noticed that only sony phone start becoming real slow with the passage of time

  2. This is a terrible phone I have ever had.  I bought it last December (2013) & started to learn to use it between Jan-Mar 2014.  During this period, I often experienced hot hot hot with this phone, even I only used it for phone and taking pictures.  Starting mid-March, I began to use it with more apps, such as facebook, facebook message, whatsapp, line, and some simple card games apps.  I usually have my phone shut down at night while charging.  Unfortunately, it was dead all of a sudden in July.  I seek help online who ultimately advised me to contact the service department for repair as they could not help me out from their instructions.  Upon subsequently advice over the phone from the Repair hot-line but still didn't work out and they gave me information to send my phone to a designated local service dept for fixing.  It took me exactly 14 days as said before I got back my phone but a REFURBISHED one with a scratch on the screen.  They even lied that there is a minor scratch on my original phone in their statement when I got the refurbished phone from them.  They said my original phone is dead and they have to give me another one which is NOT A BRAND NEW ONE.  I bought my Xperia Z1 brand new "Unlocked" from the Sony Store myself.  However, they gave me back a REFURBISHED one!!  What a cheating Sony deal with the customers.  the Sony Store from where I bought my phone closed down in early 2014 and I had no where to deal with my dead phone.  After this incident, I told myself I'll never buy any more electronics from SONY.  I am so upset and frustrated about there recent service. 

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