Xperia™ Z1 – The World’s Best Camera In A Waterproof Smartphone *

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Say hello to Xperia™ Z1 from Sony, and goodbye to dark, blurry and out of focus pictures. Using the award winning G Lens from Sony, Exmor RS and BIONZ™ processing engine for mobile, the innovative camera captures life the way you actually see it.
Xperia™ Z1 – the best of Sony is now even better.
*The Z1 features a bespoke camera combining the world’s largest image sensor (1/2.3 inches) with the highest resolution (20.7MP) in a waterproof smartphone. It also includes the brightest lens (F2.0) available in a slim (8.5mm) waterproof (IP55/IP58) smartphone. Specifications verified by Strategy Analytics’ SpecTRAX service as of 5th of August 2013, for more information on Strategy Analytics results go to:

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28 Comments on Xperia™ Z1 – The World’s Best Camera In A Waterproof Smartphone *

  1. +Sony Xperia The water resistant feature it's not working on my xperia Z1. My phone is totally dead after I tried on the swimming pool yesterday (not more than 1.0M)
    I think this phone it's not totally water resistant :(

  2. I am currently using an xperia z1, and i notice dust particles in the camera. I thought it was certified dust proof? And moreover my warranty just ended. What can i do about it?

  3. I'had got Sony z1 from about ten days. I notice that when I take a aphoto Sony freezes for about 5 minutes why that that happen anybody tell me what I can do for this problem 

  4. I have read endless comments where people mention that Z1 is not actually waterproof, after trying to take some shots underwater the touchscreen goes crazy. Some other mention that it works just fine. I am about to buy a Z1 so i would like to know what is true.

  5. I agreed with some people over the cam that Sony xPeria Z1 has. I like its functionality to take the bright pictures in the dark. Just set it to Auto mode and it will take it to the next level which other smartphones can't think about it. Saying water proof capability, i didn't try to get in the pool for shooting the  pics, however,my cell was fell down in a beach  last month, and yes it was in for a couple of seconds in 3 m depth . I just switched it off and put in on and it worked without any issues. There are also few points which Sony could think before releasing the phones in the market. Sometime when I click the Camera for taking the pictures,It couldn't be able to take the pic with a pop up saying Error in Camera. I had a software update from one of the Sony Xperia's service centre, but still this phone showing that freaky pop up's,  just hate that.

  6. My Sony Z was not waterproof as well. submerged it into a 3CM basin for 2 mins and it totally got sunked! all flops were closed and check properly yet  water seem to go in and sad part is at the back cover or coner bezel. to think i only got it a day used it one night then phone totally died! 1 hour after. Some distributors release defective products. Mis leading and false advertisement.  was really excited about this phone but was really disappointed at the same time.

  7. I totally disagree that  Sony Z1 has the best camera, its almost the similar with the rivals viz Samsung,HTC even though they have 8 or 13 MP, night imaging is the worst – if you turn on flash whole image looks fussy moreover its just a stated 20 MP camera Sony should give an update to use 20 MP in superior auto mode with more wide aspect ratio.

  8. I dont think xperia z1 is a ''waterproof smartphone''.. I just buy for a few month.. i tested on water about a few minutes, then after get out from water the screen does not turn on just vibrate.. the water level r not too deep at all.. all the caps are close tight (check it many times).. even the caps for the sim card i never opened since i buy.. the water still goes in (kinda shock because my sims card got damage because of it).. its really dissapointed when the sony does not accept the warranty.. I don't think its was my fault because of course most of us will check the caps before get the phone into the water n its a water proof.. some more its not a cheap phone.. people spend a lot of money because they believe the phone is waterproof as they mention it.. same goes to my friends.. many of them got the same problem.. more sad one of my friend just used the phone only 2 month.. Sony please improve your service.

  9. Z1 is the worst phone i have ever used. The phone is mentioned in this video as "waterproof" but it is not. I tried to take some photos in pool and Z1 is shut down (swiming pool is nto deeper than 1,5 m).  Screen is broken 2 times in a year and sony said that it is user fault. I think it is Sony's fault.

  10. I bought the Xperia Z1 and tried to take pictures under water. The lens leaked in water and I can see vapor in the lens when it is hot. Also, the camera button is not functioning properly and sometimes the phone takes photos on its own. How come? I am very upset with this experience given that I like the phone and Sony products overall. 

    I am currently in Egypt and I went to the Sony local branch(Alexandria) and they were not helpful at all. They also claimed that it is not water proof and therefore refused to fix it. I bought the phone few months so I am under the warranty. I don't know what to do. I really liked the camera and now I can't take pictures properly.

  11. all the phone are great but the battery is not so well. can you make the battery life more longer? may be from 1000mAh to 3000mAh or 4000mAh just like Xperia z tablet. Hope this will happen soon. I am using xperia L but battery is only 1700mAh and some time I can't use for the whole day.

    -Kimhak from Cambodia.

  12. HEY SONY!  WHY HAS MY Z1 GOT A HORRIBLE YELLOW DISPLAY – I have the original Z and its got a far better display!  When you going to sort it out????? On my Z1 all whites are yellowish – please sort it out!!!!

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