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Capture your best moments, even underwater, with Xperia™ Z1 from Sony. The world’s first ultra high resolution† camera in a waterproof smartphone from Sony can take photos and record underwater, up to 1.5 metres below the surface for up to 30 minutes.
The best of Sony for the best of you.

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† Ultra high/highest resolution defined by Sony and Strategy Analytics Ltd as a camera resolution greater than 20MP. Waterproof designated by Ingress Protection ratings IP55/58. Specifications verified by Strategy Analytics’ SpecTRAX service as of 5th of August 2013, for more information on Strategy Analytics results go to:
*In compliance with IP55 and IP58, Xperia Z1 is protected against the ingress of dust and is waterproof. Provided that all the…

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  1. Yeah right. Today i've used it in the sea, no more than 0.5m depth and it just stopped working. And yes it had all the slots closed properly. it just really ruined the day for me :/

  2. I took my cell phone to Boracay and play with the water. (sea) When I got back to my country I found the cell phone is with problem of audio communication. When I make a phone call or send the audio message under Line, the noise is so loud that the audio communication is impossible. But when I play the music, it is normal. It was very strange and when I called the Sony service they said this was caused by sea-water and it needs to be repaired and it will cost!! I don't get it. It is water-proof but not sea water-proof??? 
    Note: 1) every function is normal except audio communication and the touch screen was sometimes out of function when it is wet. 2) I didn't sense the problem of audio communication right away because I didn't have a chance to use GSM cell phone function in Boracay. That's why I found it 2 days later when I got back to my country. 3) the water depth of the sea is merely 50cm and I didn't put it under water (but it was definitely wet.)

  3. my phone was send twice to sony service center for simply getting wet.. i thought this phone was water proof so i took it for a swim in a pool and in the shower.. at first the screen was unresponsive wherever i touch and went crazy like opening apps for no reason, i was able to take some pictures and videos but 5-10 minutes later the phone went dead.. as i removed my mc card and sim card i notice that both it was wet.. i was really disappointed.. and yes it happened to me twice already. other than that the phone is amazing.. but im not sure about its being water proof..  

  4. In this video, cellphone underwater still works without problems. But when i introduce in liquid, touchscreen goes crazy, and it's imposible to take a picture or film underwater.

  5. You can't use it underwater. The touch screen gets confused and thinks your touching all kinds of places on the screen. DONT BELIEVE THE MARKETING. Totally not fit for purpose, you can't even use it properly if your hands are wet!

  6. You can't use it underwater. The touch screen gets confused and thinks your touching all kinds of places on the screen. DONT BELIEVE THE MARKETING. Totally not fit for purpose, you can't even use it properly if your hands are wet!

  7. Hi sony Thank you for sharing thos Wonderful phone to us. But unfortunately Im having a battery issue because of kitkat 4.4.2. I hope Google play will find a immediate action about this problem sow all xperia will enjoy the benefit of this wonferful phone.

  8. Hello 🙂 My Z1 cant record properly underwater..or take photos,when i start recording and i submerge it ,the phone starts to do random things that i dont want.. 🙁
    the water acts like fingers touching super fast and randomly on the screen the phone allways ends up stoping the recording ..opens the home page and opens something else …i downloaded the aqua camera app which uses the proximity sensor but its not much better because there are still buttons to press on the screen..  so i just want to know if theres someway to lock the screen when recording and using the side camera button to control the camera,any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

  9. +Sony Xperia  My Xperia Z1 wont turn on after i capture some picture while swimming in the pool. All the port cover i already close before going into the water. After 2 hour, i tried again to turn it on.I felt so happy cause it worked. Does this always happen after the phone was out of the water? Or there might something that i did not know?

  10. Hey i'm getting the z1 tonight and im pretty excited. however my friend said with the headphone jack not covered it cant go under water for more then 30 seconds please help

  11. Propaganda enganosa produto anunciado como sendo a prova de água, mais quando entra em contato com a água para de funcionar e a Sony não cobre a garantia Alegando Oxidação !

  12. I love my Sony experia z1s! I'm not having any problems with it whatsoever! This phone is amazing I love showing it to people & letting them put it under water. The battery last so freaking long it's crazy, the music is on while I'm at work come home well today it was a 83% and I got off work late today! Love my phone! <3

  13. The charger port of my Xperia z1s fell off a couple days ago and I manage to put it back into place and it seems to fit fine just like before. Is it still safe to put under water?

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