Xperia™ Z1 – all the power and smartness from Sony in a premium smartphone

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Introducing Sony’s brand new smartphone, Xperia Z1, featuring the award winning G Lens from Sony, Exmor RS and intelligent BIONZ™ processing engine for mobile – the same quality and performance as Sony’s compact digital cameras is now in one revolutionary smartphone.
With Sony’s exclusive Xperia camera apps, such as Social live and Info-Eye you can bring your friends closer and discover more about your surroundings; and capturing photos underwater is no problem with this waterproof smartphone crafted from premium, solid aluminium.
Re-live the memories as you remember them when you view your photos in the best colour and sharpness on the 5″ Full HD screen built with the latest Sony BRAVIA technology.
Xperia™ Z1 – the best of Sony is now even better.

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40 Comments on Xperia™ Z1 – all the power and smartness from Sony in a premium smartphone

  1. Man what a headache… A few too many issues with this phone. Dust got inside the camera lens, muffled mic, weak Bluetooth connection so about 3 months ago I decided to send it for repair and after a month I got a replacement from sony.
    Now… Dust got inside the camera again!, people still can't hear me clearly and the Bluetooth connection is weaker than ever but wait! there is more, headphone input doesn't work now!.

  2. I've owned this phone for about 5 months now. i finally got the issue of the phone not charging. I know the trick about the power and volume reset and let it wall charge for hours while off. But my real concern here is. why? Is this a software or hardware issue? i want to know why this happens?

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  5. I updated my Xperia z1 to lollipop n now anytime I take a picture is poor, d pictures looking white, can someone please help, what can I do to get d original quality of d camera back

  6. I've been using my Z1 since feb 2014… almost 15 months…I heavily used it throughout the period it never failed me. I honestly cant remember a time I lost my battery power when i needed. once It amazingly survived for almost two days on battery while i was hiking and taking more than 500 pics. it was a great companion and waterproof thing really helped me as a biker and those viewing angles hardly ever bothered me. Its nw running on lollipop and that's great. Should say that sony has the best aftermarket service software and firmware update wise. I always admire this as I cannot help noticing other android phones my friends bought even after I did are abandoned by the company and still running on kitkat or jellybean. I love my phone and still dont feel like i should move on. if I do so I can assure it will be a Z3 or upcoming z4

  7. can someone tell me how to transfer edited pictures to the sd card, if i transfer photos to sd, it doesn't transfer the edited ones,  it leaves the edited ones in the phone, and now I have like 1000 photos I can't get out of my phone

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