Xperia Z Vs iPhone 5 – SHOOTOUT – Which is Best?

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Sony Xperia Z Vs iPhone5 in a shot for shot camera shootout – which is best?

Sony Xperia Z is hitting shelves and pockets right now, it’s packing Sony’s new 13 megapixel fast-capture camera and the next-generation Sony Exmor RS, 1080p capable, HDR image sensor…

Blunty just got his hands on one so it’s time to put it up against the standard unit of measure for Camera-phones, the iPhone 5
Xperia Z reviewed against iPhone5 in a shot for shot video shootout test, lets find out which is better.

27 Comments on Xperia Z Vs iPhone 5 – SHOOTOUT – Which is Best?

  1. not a lot of difference imo. camera isn't the deciding aspect between these 2 phones imo, it's more down to size and os. and there, i couldn't decide either, because either i have a huge phone or iOS… z1 compact for me ;)

  2. I own the xperia the camera is Very good only problem I have is that it makes things seem a little farther then they actually are which is to be expected. But I cant even get a shot of the Manhattan skyline from my 3rd story apartment it over looks manhattan in a beautiful fasion! A very rare view for living off the island. Still love though Sony products are fantastic! Also love the iphone, just felt to small for my hands, might open a second line and get an iphone for work 

  3. Great video Blunty, I personally believe the Xperia Z has the better camera by far. One question I have though,  Does the Z have the ability to do Auto-Focus Lock? 

  4. I say "zee" but I'm from Canada…we're actually supposed to say "zed"…that opening line stung a little, made me feel like an asshole..but anyways, I want the Xperia Z, sadly my cell phone provider doesn't carry it, might have to switch just so I can get it :/ 

  5. Die hard sony fan. But here gotta agree apple survives the shootout. The auto-stabilization and auto-focus of apple is incomparable. Though in low light scenes, Z wins. .Thnx for this awesome video. Background music is classsi.

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