Xperia Z Ultra Review: All You Need To Know

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Behold, the in-depth review of everything you could want to know about the Xperia Z Ultra! Please check out the time codes below to jump to a topic!
Cool Stuff I have or Like:
Intro (0:11)
A touch thing! (1:07)
The Glass with a shatterproof sheet (2:55)
Device Pile Up/ Size comparison (6:27)
Keep Your Flaps Clean! (8:50)
Water Test and Care info (10:50)
The Display and In-Depth Analysis (16:55)
The OS and Features (26:11)
How to Use a Pen / Sketch (31:36)
How the Heck do You Type on this Thing? (33:41)
Processors, Games, and performance (35:12)
Battery Life & Power Saving (38:56)
Call Quality and Antennas (41:13)
About Audio (42:15)
Camera Interface (44:33)
Camera in Action (47:41)
Conclusion (50:54)

What is X-Reality:
What is Triluminos:…

36 Comments on Xperia Z Ultra Review: All You Need To Know

  1. i love my z ultra..better for a mans hands, as womens hand are a bit small to hold it. i love the huge display, as we use the internet so much with our smart phones, small phones are not cutting it anymore. the big display allows full internet use without straining ones eyes to see everything. plus its awesome for gaming and movies..the best..let me add, dont worry about how it looks when talking on the phone with it..everyone text now anymway

  2. girl u are the most wanted of all really plss do some more vids u really know how and what to say for every info that exist really i love u i mean your spirit great job

  3. it so nice to see a woman talk about technology and not fashion as we usually see. You are such an inspiration whether you realize it or not. Keep up with the good work.

  4. hello guy , dont buy this phone because no service , no warranty from sony, i am now facing my problem. sony told me, handset no stock or wait upto die … 's bad service………

  5. Hi Erica Griffin

    Can you please me whether you got Headphones in the box, i checked your last video but dint find it.
    I am looking for good music experience, so will it be good phone for music and watching videos/Movies.
    Just waiting for your reply so that i can order it online.

    Also just forget to mention that you look very Hot (Beautiful)!!!!!!!!

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