xperia z ultra repair guide c6833 lcd repair

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This is xperia z ultra screen repair guide.
You must have repair tools, lcd assembly and adhesive tape.
Good luck.

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  1. "Sony Spain" ask me for 190 euros to do these, whit the item in garantee. Thanx a lot for de video, i dont want annybody to steal my money. Dude i like your back tap Where did u buy it? Ty.

  2. if i buy it's screen online or from market. it will not be ORIGINAL at all. will it be durable ? and work as the original one does ? the color of the screen will be same as original ?

  3. hi thanqu for uloading excellent video..i purchse this mobile before 3 months still its looking awesome ..but yesterday i put my mobile in phnat pocket …n ofter some time i removed ..that time iam really shocked..its looks littile broken ..iAm asking outside mobile zones all telling its more than 9000 price..display is very good but touch not working…so kindly tell me how much price should be enough for this1 …if anything chance to help from your side.

  4. i dont know why but , this seem to be true . I broke my sony Xperia Z Ultra in my pocket . while having lesson , i kept it in my pocket . after the lesson , i took out to play it but , it cracked . My family members put the blame on me . they said i look so fishy (wierd/suspicious) and it must have been me doing an experiment on my phone . Now , in singapore , changing the LCD cost me $280 and cheapest is $240 . i bought the phone at $380 . So u telling me that the phone cost about $100 and LCD cost $280?!?! Wow . Iphone LCD is just $30-$80 on repair . Damn u Sony Ericsson . I rather buy a new phone .

  5. I just ordered a new z ultra c6833 from amazon. i have a question: 1. what gives the best protection for pocket pressure and impact: front and back tempered glass or ultra thin but tough leather wallet case? 2. do you think it is wise to remove the shatter film after it gets scratches and just touch the glass itself. is the glass itself scratch resistant? 3. is applying tempered glass over the shatter film a good idea? (woulden't it hurt the touch responsiveness and display legibility?

  6. hi kim, i have a problem in charging sony xperia z ultra. can not be charged … I've tried to replace some type of adapter such as have samsung or blackberry. but can not. I've tried to be charged when turned off. not charged, but instead reduce its battery …. when sony is fully charged, the performance is not showing signs if there is a problem with its battery. cuman problem when it charge. what should i do?

  7. guys, I have a question for you. So I got my xperia z ultra which I repaired once for about 250$, then it broke again on its own in my pocket… So would it be any smart to repair it again? (some theories are that it's twisted but it looks perfectly symmetrical) and after these repairs, has any of your screens gotten destroyed on their own?

  8.  I'm wondering how much if i want to buy that screen and do fix my z ultra at home
     ? the funny thing that i called the customer services about the part ( screen ) because mine got cracked and they said after discount it will be 250 $ !!!! , and if you want to buy new z ultra mobile( whole new phone !)  now from the mall will cost you 285-300 $ , so i think if i could find cheap screen like 100-150 $ it would be fair enough because i only used my phone less than 1 month before it got cracked inside my pocket accidentally while i'm driving because got squeezed between my leg and the steering when i had traffic accident 

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