Xperia Z Ultra: Impressions

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I have had the Z Ultra for the past few days and I am putting my thoughts together for a full review. This is a phone that I really love! Of course it has its ups and downs though.

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  1. Had mine since April 2014. It's a great phone.
    What would I change?
    Well I don't need the water-resistant seal so I would like a replaceable battery, other that everything else is cool.
    Someone asked about case well KRUSELL has some so just check locally or google on-line.
    Biggest question is would I buy again?
    YES if the price was right and its still available.
    I paid $399 Australian Dollars and iPhones and Samsungs were more than twice the price.

  2. hello guy , dont buy this phone because no service , no warranty from sony, i am now facing my problem. sony told me, handset no stock or wait upto die … 's bad service………

  3. If U are reading this WARNING for U, never buy this,
    I live the size of the phone BUT Software and Hardware Utterly useless 
    Software crash, Bluetooth doesn't connect, Back camera stopped working, Front camera stopped week after, 
    Finally screen broke when it was at my BACK POCKET, and touch screen doesn't works.
    Piece of Brick, Not impressed

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