Xperia™ Z – The precision engineered Full HD smartphone from Sony.

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With a razor sharp and super bright 5″ Full HD Reality Display, Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, a 13 megapixel camera with Exmor RS™ for mobile – the world’s first image sensor with HDR video for smartphones and a sleek design that resists both water and dust, Xperia Z combines the best of Sony in a smartphone.
A screen so immersive you can get lost in it, images so real you feel like you’re there, and a camera that lets you capture the moment whenever and wherever it occurs. See how Xperia Z takes you to new places and lets you connect in totally new ways:

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39 Comments on Xperia™ Z – The precision engineered Full HD smartphone from Sony.

  1. bought this smartphone after a week it was launched after watching this commercial…..still works perfectly… is great ..i my self am 'soni'.. ;p….great work guys…! keep it up….looking forward to buy the z5..!

  2. My Sony Xperia Z has a problem on the opening of the headphones and the charger because the rubber that keeps it close is unglued (from the day that I bought it) and the rubber of the charger recently unglued and broke. What should I do? Please respond.

  3. Terrible battery life. Takes too long to charge up. The other dislikes I could live without. The phone is very sleek. I can't recommend this phone to any of my friends.

  4. bought my Xperia becasue of this ad, then turns out its quite an average phone with below average camera(before update, now its just average) and an unnecessary heavy weight, the double sided glass that i thought was elegant actually adds nothing but making it harder to hold and the edge of phone uncomfortable in pocket, but overall a very solid built phone i wanted to change for another brand /phone for a really very long time but it just wont break…

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