Xperia™ Z – The best of Sony in a smartphone.

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Meet Xperia Z, the precision engineered Full HD smartphone designed with careful attention to every corner, piece and pixel.

Discover more about its 5-inch Full HD screen, 13MP camera with Exmor RS™ – the world’s first image sensor with HDR video for smartphones, ability to resist water and dust, and other astonishing features.

Xperia Z, experience the best of Sony in a smartphone

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19 Comments on Xperia™ Z – The best of Sony in a smartphone.

  1. +Sony Xperia  i heard lots of people complain that the phone aint really waterproof and shatterproof, but i dont wanna believe it…. can you please assure me that, all those are all words of haters, coz i really like the phone, and the love was also escalated by its water resistance and shaterproof-ness…
    what happens if after i buy it, and find out all this rumors are true, will its warranty repair/replace it??

  2. i miss this phone this phone should go down in history as the phone that started the best looking best phone series of them all even the promotional video is so beautiful

  3. I feel like even though this phone was the first model of the Xperia Z line it never got enough attention or love, I absolutely love this phone. I want to see people praise it like they do iPhones because this is so much better :(

  4. hi i am using htc one x and xperia z u all know that z is much more than one x far ahead but still can't believe while playing gta vice city on both htc handles its very very smoothly even in high graphics while z lags even in the low graphics detail mode.
    seriously  and mine is one xl not even the real one x with quad core its having the dual core
    why ??????????????

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