Xperia X Performance official design video – the masterpiece

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Xperia X Performance is as elegant as it gets – in either sophisticated Graphite Black or White, or sleek Lime Gold or Rose Gold.
With a curved glass display and seamless metal back, Xperia X Performance has been designed to suit your life and taste. We’ve updated the user interface to be more in tune with you too, both in looks and responsiveness.
With its 5″ body and ergonomically placed fingerprint sensor, Xperia X Performance is tailored to fit your hand as comfortably as your life.

37 Comments on Xperia X Performance official design video – the masterpiece

  1. My Z3 Contract runs out in November 2016.. If there's no Z6 on the horizon, then I'm going to have to switch to Samsung. I love the Z range, classy, powerful and excellent overall. My fingers are crossed for a Z6 reveal later this year.

  2. Oh…(´д`);
    What happened.It's not Sony design ,it's not Xperia design…
    I hope the Sony will make monster Xperia.
    I think XperiaZ5 Premium is the best…

  3. everyone complaining about the plastic camera lense and I'm just here being grateful for it. I dropped 5kg in the gym on my Z5 premium. the back is broken but the camera is still in perfect condition because of the plastic lense. love the x series, shame I'm on contract till next year.

  4. Is it just me, or did Sony already announce the Worldwide launch date of the Xperia X line? In every video, the time of 10:35 AM on June 5th is written. That might be the date the phone will be launched. I don't know if Sony already announced dates, but I don't think they have, so, they might have just slipped it into their videos to see if anyone would notice.

  5. like others have said, the specs are lacking, I expected the 4k screen to carry over. 4gb of ram which is the standard and many flagship devices are going 6gb now. Sony already has the best camera setup. They just need to match other flagships. Don't follow HTC we want the best.

  6. Not coming to my region… Not that there's much reason to "upgrade" to it from my z5 premium… Time to switch brands.. Sony is their own worst enemy

  7. I don't get it.. This advert is one of the few that touched my heart… Yet I don't see it getting advertised…
    I really think you should put it more on TV's and just watch your sale grow.. Especially in the US

  8. i am disappointed in the x line so far. the performance is the only one that is good enough.(although it has nothing special going for it)
    the competition has better specs. sony should rethink how they want to position themselves in the market. the way it's going now they'll keep losing money.

    bring out a phone that is best in everything. 4k screen(or like the rumoured x premium hdr 120hz) best audio and best camera in a phone.
    give it more ram and overclock the cpu so it's better than the others on paper also.

    they have the knowledge and should use it. also they should start with wireless charging as people want those things.

  9. hi sony, please fix the software.. please.

    i am a big fan of sony, until the point we i really dnt care if the software is not good. but i dont think it will stand that long.
    also the features that might makes me amaze pls

    – wireless charger
    – fast charger
    – display
    – design


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