Xperia™ Tablet Z – Experience the best of Sony in a Tablet

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Time to make your getaway from the ordinary and hold something sharper, more vivid, with the richest colours imaginable — 10″ of pure Sony brilliance. Xperia Tablet Z is as powerful on the inside as it is elegant on the outside, beautiful from any angle, crafted with premium materials, and wrapped in a breathtakingly slim design. Additionally, Sony’s audio experts developed an outstanding audio experience with the “WALKMAN” app and powerful 3D surround sound speakers.

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32 Comments on Xperia™ Tablet Z – Experience the best of Sony in a Tablet

  1. Can someone tell me when listening to music and you adjust the equalizer does the volume decrease or does it stay the same making it sound better when you increase the GAIN and other settings in The Equalizer

  2. Ive had this tablet 1 year now much better than my old iPad best gadget ive ever brought great design sony Love your tablets and smartphones I will get the z4 tablet when its released looks stunning one thing I will say about Sony they always make quality products been buying their electrical gadgets and tvs since the days of the original walkman but this xperia z tablet is brilliant thanks 

  3. I looked at the specifications of the Xperia tablet and all versions have GPS built in. Does a 4G/3G option provide better GPS capability over a standard WIFI model?

    I am looking at using a tablet as a chart-plotter/GPS in my boat and with the water resistance capability of the Xperia it stands out as the best option.

  4. Hi, I bought tablet z and already have a 4.2 jelly bean on it. Although I would like to ask if I will get updates for album, movies and walkman. I've got Xperia Z phone with those updates but my tablet don't have them yet. Thanks 

  5. +ahmad halmat
    Hello Ahmad. The Tablet Z comes with plenty of free preinstalled applications and there's more free applications on the Play Store you can install. There's also other applications that can be purchased from the Play Store if you would like to use them. – Andrés

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