Xperia™ SP – Premium HD Smartphone from Sony

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Discover how Xperia SP brings Sony brilliance to life, inside and out. With premium design elements like an exquisite co-moulded aluminium frame and customisable illuminations that light up your content, Xperia SP is precision crafted in every detail.

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27 Comments on Xperia™ SP – Premium HD Smartphone from Sony

  1. This phone is so bad that I'm never buying another Sony product of any type again. Everyone I have spoken to who has had one also shares this sentiment. God help me if I ever need to call the emergency services, it often takes 15mins just to unlock. 

  2. I've been using dat phone about 1.4 yrs. Almost all good. Battery drain fast & overheatin in rooted position. But everything goes normal again when i try factory reset

  3. +Sony Xperia Guys are you serious there,we buy a phone 400 EUROS last year (GREECE)and now you cant make the 4.4 update that you had write in the official page of SONY that will be,(NOW THE PHONE CRASHES MANY TIMES)YOU should think some things guys because thats the reason YOU LOSE CUSTOMERS…!!!! #sonyxperia  

  4. О! рекламный ролик моего смартфончика, случайно нашёл.
    Скачаю себе, через лет 15 буду вспоминать с ностальгией ;)

  5. Premium Smartphone my ass! First its crap… than we wait half a year for android 4.3, and when it's there it is even worse… Than we get a few updates and it's a little bit better, but still very laggy and slow (while this phone has more potential I think)… And on top of all that: it doesn't even get kitkat .' I'm so disappointed in Sony

    I loved the specs, design and I was a big fan of Sony in general… However the firmware on this phone puts things in a different perspective… And they didn't listen to the customers, because we tried to make our point clear to sony every way we could, but in the end it's only about the money. Smh…

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