Xperia M5: with fast focusing Hybrid AF camera technology

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Discover all there is to know about the Xperia M5:

Put an extraordinary Android smartphone in your pocket.

When the action starts, Xperia M5 is primed to capture the moment. Built with super-fast Hybrid AF technology, experience a camera that captures everything in incredible clarity.

Feel the freedom of having a power Octa-core 4G smartphone with a battery that will keep you going for up to 2 days without charging and enjoy the confidence in knowing that a splash or spill won’t be a problem for Xperia M5.

49 Comments on Xperia M5: with fast focusing Hybrid AF camera technology

  1. I've had so many problems with my Sony Xperia M4 Aqua just ordered the Sony M5 I'm hoping I don't get the same over heating, turning off and memory card slot faulty. Maybe I use my phone 24/7 so I think I'll use it less and see if there's any difference with the Sony Xperia M5 I've heard the camera quality is good though!

  2. Sony me esclareça uma dúvida, eu quero comprar o M5, estou quase… Porém quero saber se é a prova d'água, posso usá-lo para bater foto subaquáticas? Se for confirmado, minha dúvida termina e eu o comprarei.

  3. Just bought the phone. Ever since I got my first phone they were all Sony Ericsson. Had the Xperia Mini for 5 years and didnt break, the only problem I had with it is I lost it. And just got this phone. I hope its good to record vids and capture pictures.

  4. es el teléfono más malo del mundo ?, se va a negro y no hay forma de encender, solo se puede encender conectando a un cargador, lo adquirí atravez de Entel a ido tres veces a servicio técnico y sigue con la misma falla… Entel no se hace responsable por fallas de equipo nadie responde es una estafa… est teléfono no lo recomiendo a nadie…. ???….

  5. felt cheated after changing to this phone. the camera function is very disappointing! under normal condition using manual , 21mp is grainy , cannot focus and superior auto is retarded! this phone camera can't even compare to China xiaomi phone.

  6. My advise to the people don't buy this phone, i have bought this phone 4 months ago and i was impressed with this phone but now not turn on and i have tried every way they asked me to turn it on but noway, it's very disappointing and it's happens with many people around the world and if you not believe me you can write on google search (xperia m5 won't turn on) and you will find this. i said this because i don't want to anyone else to have this bad product and for me i will not buy sony product again.

  7. I have the Sony M4 Aqua and it's a pain the memory card slot keeps popping out happened after a month. Bought it for £140 but this Sony M5 looks amazing. Only had the Sony M4 Aqua 2 months and now I want to save up for the M5 on PayG it looks good the camera is what selling me!

  8. my xperia m5 dual is suck, it always turn off when i instal or update application like bbm, whatsapp, theme, atc, i can't turn it on without charger. and on my diagostic any issue error 1 january 1970

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