Xperia M2 – The Sony smartphone for better entertainment

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Take a closer look at the stylish Xperia M2, a new Android smartphone from Sony with a 4.8″ best-in-class display, 8MP camera with Exmor RS for mobile, HDR for photos and videos, and a range of integrated Xperia camera apps like Timeshift video and Social live.

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24 Comments on Xperia M2 – The Sony smartphone for better entertainment

  1. How can i change the Light bar color when someone calls me it only lights orange , its annoying and im using blue theme :/ i tryed to factory reset and other stuffs with no results.

  2. Avoid the updates, they wipe the notepad and audio recorder. Sony won't fix it for me and told me I should use the pathetic cloud for backup! Yeah right just like I need a hole in the head.

  3. Hello sony, i got this phone from my dad. And i experienced m2 and it was amazing. Also me and my dad sharing some file using nfc, nfc was better than bluetooth. Also its cheap since it was sale in the Philippines. This is great sony.NEVER GIVE UP AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

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