Xperia™ M – The new Sony Smartphone with one-touch functions

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Experience a touch of magic
Meet the new Xperia M with this detailed look at the Sony smartphone with magical one-touch functions. Discover the simplicity and ease of creating instant connections with the slim, precision-crafted Xperia M – share your music to an NFC speaker or headset with one-touch listening, swap photos with your friends with a single touch, and view pictures, videos and movies on your TV with one-touch mirroring. 

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47 Comments on Xperia™ M – The new Sony Smartphone with one-touch functions

  1. Time flies so fast. Still using my Xperia M Dual right now. I'm planning to buy a new one, but I'll stay loyal to Xperia phones and specially to the Xperia M models. The Xperia M5 would be a great choice. Gotta save lots of money. ?


  2. Very good phone. Only the camera disappoints me. 5MPX is good. Before I was using 3 years older Xperia X10 mini with same resolution, but the output was significantly better. The Xperia M advantages are: it shoots faster, has more camera options. As it have dedicated camera button (which I like) I thought, that it will have a proper (or avarage) camera.

  3. The problem of this phone is cannot move apps to sdcard but other functions r doing good. But accidentaly bricked my phone twice and a software movistar was installed by a phone repairing shop is this software safe

  4. I'm quite confused as to whether or not I would be able to video call with this phone. Some websites say yes and some say no. My current understanding is that '3G video calling' is not possible with this model but 'Wi-Fi video calling' is. Is this true? and does Skype work on it? (the Skype mobile app tends to either work or not depending on the model and software)

    Thank you.  

  5. +Sony Xperia Before buying Sony Xperia M phone, I want some help regarding the features:
    1) Is the internal storage divided into apps and user files so that I can store a pdf, ebook, music, 300MB movies file etc without a memory card or do I need a memory card for storing even a single file?
    2) Is there a file explorer or do I have to install one myself?
    3)Can I change the camera's save location to micro SD card?

    PS: I don't install many apps and don't need more than 350 MB for Apps.

  6. Is Sony planning a hotfix for app2SD support at last? Since 4.3 update were unable to transfer our apps to external SD like every other Android users… Any fix or updates about that?

  7. Hey does anyone know change in app options e.g. Use Google once or all the time. because my sister uses my Sony Xperia M to make movies on the Movie maker app that came on it but when ever she tries to add music it makes her do voice recordings

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