Xperia E4 – Quality design in an easy-to-use smartphone from Sony

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Discover Xperia E4: Instant entertainment. Endless fun.

Xperia™ E4

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Keep going with Battery STAMINA mode.

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Simple to set up and a snap to use, this fun, affordable mobile phone is serious about design, craftsmanship, and long-lasting performance.

Discover how Xperia E4 makes everything easier. Enjoy quick access to all the apps and features you want. Get your entertainment fix on the go with a large HD display and be the beat of the party with PartyShare.

37 Comments on Xperia E4 – Quality design in an easy-to-use smartphone from Sony

  1. Xperia E moel c1505 was my first and current smartphone,It grew on me. I find the camera a bit slow to the point to which I hardly ever used it exept when I forget my Canon Ixos at home.Would´t want to have to dial 911/112 from it either. Always some app slowing things down and getting in the way. There should be an emergency bypass somewhere for emergency calls and and some regulation as to how fast a phone can dial these numbers under any conditions, In this respect I still find the old fashion button style phones better at being a telephone, and int this respect I found my previous phone better  (Sony Ericsson c702)! But there is no going back, so I guess the e 4 or whatever version  they´ll be at  when the time comes. Xperia forever (I actually fell for the name!)

  2. Incredible performances for less than 100€, just still can't believe this is true! This is the phone I'm getting! Always had Sony (Ericsson) phones, so this is perfect for me! Thanks Sony :D

  3. Hey sony thankyou for this device i brought this phone really very impressed with battery life… But i have some questions or issues… My sony e4 getting too much time to charge like if i want to charge it 100% it takes 5 hours,why so? And it does not support otg why? and camera takes time to shoot pics… Otherwise i love sony plz reply must thanx

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