Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 VS Lenovo ZUK Z1 VS Moto G4 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy J7 16:Best Phone In INR15,000

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in this video i will be comparing 4 phone.
3 are priced under 15000 and samsung is priced at 16000.

33 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 VS Lenovo ZUK Z1 VS Moto G4 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy J7 16:Best Phone In INR15,000

  1. why did you came in youtube ? reason of me saying like this is i have been using zuk z1 and redmi note 3 , the better battery life was on redmi not zuk ! i ensure you to use it again , and before doing any video please sleep well because it sounds like a guy giving a review after just having half an hour sleep at night !

  2. Hi 24×7 Techie,
    I am thinking of getting the ZUK Z1, what will be the disadvantages of purchasing an older 801 Snapdragon SOC over the latest ones used in Note3
    Will it not support future new apps/ games that will be created?

    I get the point that ZUK Z1 is a all round performer, but will there be any issue/ problem/ software related/ apps related in near future?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi buddy,
    Liked the video, its quite helpful.
    I am more interested in zuk but little confused about its issues. There are so many peoples complaining about issues in zuk, can you tell me if there is actually any issue with zuk, screen, network or serious heating issues?

  4. can u tell whose fingerprint sensor r good??.. and can u plz suggest me which phone to buy.. zuk or redmi.. i loved zuk looks.. but i also loved redmi snapdragon 650.. plz reply me soon!!!.. will be waiting!!!

  5. Very good comparison! You have my like)
    Help me to choose a phone) Can you do ranking of Xiaomi redmi note 3PRO, Xiaomi Mi4c, Moto G4 plus and Asus Zenfone Selfie considering front and rear cameras?

  6. as the other review videos I've seen , the thing I've come up with is this fone slightly lags while controlling animations. it has to be set at 0.5 from 1 to remove this lag. what do u say about it? does it really lags while animating or that would have happened with some reviewer at an instance

  7. i m making plan to buy lenovo zuk z1, should i buy it ? as it is a quite new brnad , i dont know why i cannot trust this brand blindly, but i wanted to know. does it lags or hangs n what can b said after a prolong use . should i buy it ? features are all gud. now im just waiting for a single yes or no. to buy

  8. The fact that redmi note 3 costs only 12k makes it the best phone with the features it has compared to other devices and the maybe redmi note 3 does not have android marshmallow but the UI is really good with the features that the UI hasand they recently released an update for the MIUI7

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