Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Unboxing & Fire Tests

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Ever wonder what would happen if you expose your Redmi Note 3 directly to 1300 deg. celsius of flowing fire? Will the glass cracks or even melted? Will the LCD survive or it will fried up?

Stop wondering, don’t even try to do it! We have the answer, just sit, relax, and hit the play button. While you watch the video, you can always click or tap the like and subscribe buttons. Enjoy!

PS: yes, it is printed 1300 degree celcius on the torch’s package. i am not sure if it’s even legit figures.

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40 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Unboxing & Fire Tests

  1. I have one problem…. It shows No sim card at the top time to time even though i have inserted a sim. and when i switched off and then on it,, it works…how can it be solve

  2. Бред…. Почему с деревом на котором лежит телефон ничего не происходит, как и с пластмассовыми вставками!

  3. hahahaha anjay, kenapa gw baru liat channel lu ya, somplak, gw subscribe ah, harusnya rame ni yg subsribe, ngehe reviewers laen mah pada sayang2 banget ngeletekin hape2nya, elu badaasss :D

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