Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Screen Scratch Proof glass Test

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It has Not Gorilla Glass No Dragontrail Glass it has normal Scratch Proof Glass. Buy The Redmi Note 3 http://fkrt.it/!LBoGNNNNN

33 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Screen Scratch Proof glass Test

  1. Sallo pagalo phone best hai agar phone ko table mai rakh kay hummer marege toh kon sa phone ni destroy hoga . Redmi best or apne bakwas phono ko kr kay dekho ye sab phir dekho kya hota hai……

  2. guys…my redmi note 3 dropped from the 2nd floor of my house?? the back came off and now the screen is bad and the fingerprint is not working other than that…the touchscreen is working perfectly fine as it was b4 basically it's still like how it used to be..just that the screen has cracked alot and the fingerprint at the back isn't working…this phone is strong??☠☠

  3. stupid fvck, that's not scratch test. you freakin idiot! and why dont you lay down your phone on te table and hammer it away. your hand is getting more of the impact, not the phone.

  4. This is a fake video. Every tempted glaas can not be scratch or break by any metallic device. Use Little amount of sand and rub on the phone scree or use diamond glass cutter for scratch or broke this phones screen.

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