Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review. Best Budget Mobile of 2015

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review with benchmarks, battery life, camera samples and gaming. I got this one from Banggood here: http://www.banggood.com/Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-3-5_5-inch-3GB-RAM-32GB-MTK-X10-Octa-core-4G-Smartphone-p-1016742.html?p=QZ14021624945201505Y

Please skip to the part that interests you:

01:48 – Hardware
05:07 – Fingerprint reader
07:48 – Benchmarks
10:36 – GPS
11:17 – Screen on time / Battery
13:33 – CPU-Z, phone sensors
14:27 – Camera with samples front and rear
17:10 – Audio
18:20 – Gaming tests, MKX, RR3, DH5. EW4
21:52 – Conclusion
22:21 – Pros & Cons

Download camera samples and video here (448Mb): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwkUUmb8s5kQd29XYUMyU1JtSXc/view?usp=sharing

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45 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review. Best Budget Mobile of 2015

  1. Hi Mate, I heard you mention that you're from NZ (the accent says it all really). Im looking at getting a Redmi Note 3 from Aliexpress from a seller called Hong Kong Goldway. I struggle to find these in NZ at a reasonable price so think this is the best thing.

    Are you able to comment on how easy it is to flash the global MIUI rom and have all google services installed. As I assume the Aliexpress models from china have no google services and heaps of bloatware.

    Then again, where did you get yours from (if you did get it delivered to NZ)

    Cheers in advance.

  2. I have being using Redmi Note 3 2GB Variant now since 10 days. I bought it in 9th March Sale. I want to ask you one thing that first 5 days after the purchase I got a superb battery life of around 2 days on normal usage & 1.25 days on heavy usage & got screen on time of around 7-8 hours. But from 17-18 March i.e. last 4-5 days I facing an issue that on normal usage I getting screen on time of around 5 hours & battery lasted for just 1 day on normal usage to light usage. I have also done a battery drain test by keeping 7-8 hours on flight mode in that the battery remained at 100% though. The very next day battery when on use keeps on draining fast on normal usage which earlier wasnt the case. Can you suggest whats the matter of the battery? If you can help me.

  3. may i ask, for the text size, can we change the font? i really hope for anyone to reply..because i wanna buy this phone but i prefer more to a phone which i can change the font to the one i want.. +TechTablets.com i hope i can get your reply soon ^_^ best video about this phone tho..

  4. some Xiaomi phones have a problem with the wifi connectivity , a big problem . At least 6 users have this problem: the phone turn off the wifi automatic when you don't use the phone , so you can't get notifications or download something if you don't use the phone . I think that's a serious problem.

  5. best thing about this phone is ir blaster, microsd, and fingerprint sensor all for a low price, but performance wise its still not as good as the mi note/mi note pro

  6. Hi, thanks for the review.. I'm planning to either buy this or the older mi 4 mainly for gaming, run emulators.. Which one is the better choice?

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    Do not buy anything from Pandawill!!!!
    I bought a smartphone from Pandawill. I paid 260$ and after 7 months stopped working.
    I send it back for repair.
    Pandawill answered me that it was out of warranty (they are lying that they have warranty) and asked me to give extra money (92$) for repair.
    I made a report to Visa MasterCard for get my money back.
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    My advice is that if anyone has same problem with Pandawill to do what I did.

  8. Hey bro, fellow kiwi here, I'm looking to import this phone and just wondered if it's suitable out of the box to use here or do I have to to a lot of techie stuff to get it running, also does it come with scamware like a lot of other Chinese phones?

  9. Fantastic review thanks Chris. Those shots of NZ make me homesick 😉 
    Best budget phone though? Looks as though Xiaomi itself has already trumped it with a faster version which takes sd cards! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAA1CPwrogU
    PS the Chinese video linked above appears to show the RN3 has a Samsung S5K3M2 sensor; new RN3 Pro has S5K3P3 with higher res but smaller pixel pitch. f2.2 vs f2.0 too. Will be interesting to see difference in results.

  10. nice review mate. subbed.
    just one suggestion for the upcoming demos, compare the screen with popular phones, so we can know how much better or worse it is. no one does that but I think it's really important cause the screen is the most important part. just a reference point. u dont see these chinese phones at shops, but everyone knows how Samsung S4, 5, 6, LG's etc looks like. 🙂
    hope this makes sense. my english is not so good. cheers!

  11. Hi Chris, in your un-boxing video of this, you noted the large icons and font size. I see that you have managed to get this changed now in the review, how did you do that? I just got my Note 3 and I'm stuck with the same issue…

  12. you need to tell audiences that the phone absorb more heat because of it's metal body…
    is great looking but most of the chinese phones were all looked like this now…
    zte blade, lenovo, meizu….
    do u have any reception trouble while messaging 3g &4g?
    please have a trial, mine suffering from outrages lag whilst using bbm
    and no it's not poor signal reception because i did tested with my opo too at the same spot.
    cheers mate////great review

  13. Just subscribed and I have to say, you're awesome man! Most reviews of these phones tend to be "the phone is good, buy it with my link", but you honestly point out any flaws in the phone. If the redmi note 3 pro hadn't been annonced this would be my next phone. And thanks for testing 3.5mm jack sound quality, almost nobody does that and it really matters to me.

  14. i will buy it from ibuygou is that save? i want to buy it there because there is a option for send it from italy i tought or another european country and then i dont have to pay more costs conclusion ask haha : is ibuygou save and good?

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