Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review

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31 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review

  1. Hello!!!! i just bought the 3gb 32gb version from mi and i am experiencing heavy lag while scrolling down in apps like twitter,google chrome,playstore and even sometimes the settings menu.Everything else is working fine but is this something that you experienced ? because it greatly hampers the user experience !!

  2. sir can u make a video how to install gta san andreas on this phone as it does not have permission to install apps in sd card so is there any options to get gta san andreas for free ?

  3. hi sir I am using mi note 3 it's heating while charging is it normal or is there is any problem please and me if it is will return it back to Amazon( it's only heating in charging)

  4. I have bought redmi note 3 32gb variant. Previous one had tilted camera lens, so I replaced it but now the replaced unit has accelerometer problem. When I play NFS, after sometime accelerometer stops working and cars start going in one direction. I tried calibrating it several times but it happens again and again. Auto rotation starts working after sometime even u don't do any calibration. Is it software issue or should I return it.?

  5. hi sir . i also own a redmi note 3. can you please clear my doubt? when i charge my device below 50% the charger makes a small whining sound. it is audible only when i place my ear near to charger. is it normal? can you please check and confirm? should i replace it?

  6. Great video sir.
    There is one ques about the camera thing. Currently I am using mi4 and now I want shift to RN3. So can u suggest me as which has a better camera?

  7. very nice detailed review .. buddy can you tell me from where you buy that transparent back cover .. if you bought it online then kindly send me link to buy it .. thanks

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