Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review

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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a phone that costs a little, but offers a lot. It isn’t meant to be sold in Europe or the US, but we got one anyway and used it for a couple of weeks. It’s a good phone, especially for the price, but not one without serious caveats. Here’s our review.

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26 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review

  1. Millet rough work, there is a processor by Qualcomm, no highlights, miui advertising, I would like to ask, front or rear good fingerprint identification fingerprint is better? ?

  2. In my country , Romania, xiomi it's in the bigest store, but you see thi phone only at idiot people. The normal people have iphone, samsung, huawei, lg, sony , lenovo. But the most stupid phone in Romania it' "allview" ( a romanian product); it' s not 100%romanian because you see dogee or geonee phones hwo are identic with allview.

  3. okey first you need to update its software to its latest version (0.54) then do the review coz Xiaomi devices gets better with each and every software update.. my friend is using the same version with sd650 and 3 gigs of ram and he got 5 updates in 1 month.last update improved camera processing and memory management… and that is a pretty good device now… and here in India we have seen so many devices which are priced twice and offer pathetic performance(both in raw power and in cameras) so I personally can't agree with your review…also if u don't like miui then use some launcher.. problem solved..

  4. That's a geek's opinion got used to expensive A-brand devices. For a common user Redmi Note 3 would be a pretty good choice in respect of price/features/quality. Minuses? Sure. You'll need to spend some time to 1/buy it in a chinese online store, 2/ update the softare manually to a Global Stable version. But if you don't like all this…well, try something different. Anyway I would recommend a better version – Redmi Note 3 Pro (better CPU, camera, more memory, m/card slot, bigger battery).

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