Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Review In Depth | Snapdragon 650 3GB RAM 32GB ROM

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We can call it successor of Mediatek Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Pro version comes with Snapdragon 650 which is Hexa core and major performance boost. I bought Note 3 Pro on GearBest – http://goo.gl/IjSQYH
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34 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Review In Depth | Snapdragon 650 3GB RAM 32GB ROM

  1. +RewMe i got a problem, when i video record, the sound of recorded videos are
    distorted, they don't sound clearly, but if record myself with
    "Recorder" function the sound is good, but the problem persists only if
    you record videos.
    Do you have any fix?

  2. Amazing phonnne!!! I followed this review and ordered it and can't believe how good it is considering the price. I got the dark grey one. I looks and feels like a flagship. it's has high end specs and features like ir blaster, radio FM antenna, fingerprint, … WAW!

  3. Hi! Great review. What would you recommend between the P9000 and the Note 3 Pro? Keeping in mind that the P9000 has a lot of great specs but is still not that refined with the rom, while the Note 3 Pro has lesser the specs but with a greater camera, an accurate finger tip scanner, and a wide scope of modifications in its software.

  4. Your reviews are really great! Thank you for making them.
    I would like to ask your opinion/comparison of Redmi Note 3 Pro vs Elephone P9000. Which is a better buy? Which has a better camera and user experience?

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