Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro After 11 days – Battery Life & Thoughts

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro After 11 days, Battery life, thoughts, and general use. Cost? $189 from GB here http://goo.gl/EHSGzM

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26 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro After 11 days – Battery Life & Thoughts

  1. i dont know about new note 3 but iv had original note 3 and now i have galaxy s5 just cos my note 3 battery life last around 2 day and s5 lasts me 2 days if i use it normally and if i use it nonstop playing games and youtube it goes up to 7 or 8 hours im running lollipop 5.0 though ..the version ur running does change your battery life a lot

  2. I'm considering two phones: Letv le 1 pro x800 (4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM) and xiaomi redmi note 3 pro (3G RAM AND 32GB ROM) but I don't know which one to buy. What's your opinion? thank you

  3. i ordered this today from aliexpress and got the free delivery, when the phone comes will it have all of the ads pop up every now and then or will i have to use MonkeyVR and a root to take away all the bloatware and Trojans??

  4. This, asus zenfone 2 (ze551ml) or elephone p9000? I like elephone p9000 design very much and the specs are good too but have read some comments where some people are dissapointed about elephone p9000. Please help me to choose!

  5. Good review. I've got the 5" version (with Global ROM) and it's a great phone for the price. You can get the Note 3 Pro (with 3gb/32gb) for about 160 euros now.

  6. This phone seems to good to be true. Cheap, Big screen, big battery, fingerprintscanner, expandable memory, nice software. What are the downsides? Is it laggy? Otherwise I'll swich this for my Nexus 5. ;)

  7. hello sir !
    i wanted to share with you something..i had recently bought redmi note 3..i started to use it n i found that its battery drained completely in around 3-4 hours..i found it strange as i saw everyone giving positive reviews of the battery n what was happening with me was completely the opposite..so i replaced my phone n today i recieved the new one..i just now switched it on , i have set up everything n guess what..i found the same issue again..the draining battery as well as the over heating of the phone..can you pls help me out of this..what do i do n why is it happening?
    Pls do reply me !

  8. you must have been playing clash of clans heavily.. my Redmi note 3 average SOT for the past 3 weeks was around 9-10 hrs on moderate use & around 8 hrs for heavy use(clash royale, youtube, etc…)

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