Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Review, Good and Bad Points Included

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro India Review, Good and Bad Points Included
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20 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 India Review, Good and Bad Points Included

  1. Alert and awake
    Don’t buy
    Don’t buy
    don’t buy
    Mi gave the 3gb 32 gb version for review and to the explorers. But now they are only selling the 2gb 16 gb version which is far below in performance; except for the 4050 battery. Mi is using INDIA as dumb yard for their failure model 2gb 16gb in comparison with rivals such as LEECO. They are trying to sell only the 2gb 16gb version. So don’t buy now. MI IS CHEATING INDIAN FANS.
    If you still want it for the 4050 batter then wait for few more days ( about a month) then you get the 32gb version.
    Don’t buy now and fall a pray to their cheap tactics.

    Alert and awake

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