Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (In-Depth Review) Fingerprint Unlock, Helio X10, 4000mAh – Video by s7yler

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Check also the Full Unboxing & First Hands-on video here:

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Camera & video samples here:

GPS accuracy/lock speed – check video here:

Geekbench 3 battery test (on screen time) results:

For a Global MIUI7 ROM with multilanguage & ROOT check here:

How To Unlock Bootloader, Root And Flash Recovery On Redmi Note…

49 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (In-Depth Review) Fingerprint Unlock, Helio X10, 4000mAh – Video by s7yler

  1. Hi, could you do a comparison video between the pro version of this phone and the Lenovo k4 Note. Am looking to get one but cant seem to make up my mind on which one it should be, i have almost already ruled out the Umi Touch but still undecided on which of the 3 is best. Or just your honest opinion would be of help.

  2. how can i chage the default store to "Zedge" when I want to change the font or rigntones etc… my phone is set up to be in English but when I want to personalise my rigntones and notifications on settings> sounds all I get is directed to Chinese store which I can t understand. please help me

  3. review was absolutely very awesome each details described very well……..
    Hey can you tell me the song name which you have played in background…i loved that….

  4. i was told that the Redmi Note 3 does take a microSD at the expense of simslot #2. gsmarena shows on the Redmi Note 3 specs microSD support. lastly, i came across a forum with a screenshot that shows the words microSD and sim in the same paragraph. unfortunately i can't read Chinese. here's the image link (http://en.miui.com/data/attachment/forum/201601/22/121240q7e4u9jz8n7zecge.png). can anyone verify this? out of curiosity, i tried fitting a microSD card into an iPhone 4's microsim tray… and it fits!

  5. Amazing review. Very thorough (should we be surprised?) and balanced. On the verge of buying but put off by negative reviews on Amazon UK. I'm now convinced to go for this phone.
    Also a huge thank you for doing it in English.

  6. Hi s7yler . really nice review .. xiaomi announced a new version of xiaomi redmi note 3 with snapdragon 650 or xiaomi redmi note 3 pro ….. we need a good, detailed review for this phone , and which one is better . thanks :)

  7. Love the review. Just some things if you can add, for instance that I am curious about. The WiFi, is is capped at 150MBps, or is it capable of going to 300MBps. For the OTG, i was interested whether it can read 32GB and 64GB of USB sticks. Could you check those please? : )

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