Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Camera Review

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23 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Camera Review

  1. is good cemera? what is best in camera j7 r redmi note 3 and redmi note 3 click photo coming yellow pls help me because I am buy to plan for good and best mobile so pls give idea for buy mobile j7 r redmi note 3

  2. bro i m in a trouble can u help me.
    on my redmi note 3 every time i download some file on uc browser or uc mini and when i locks the phone just in 1 minute it closes downloading automatically. :-(

  3. good one bro
    I finally bought s7 edge black one and I have to say it's amazing
    just I want to ask some questions
    – you bought flip cover and I also did bought flip cover , it's Samsung original one , I want ask is how to enable that smart cover mode type of something
    I mean phone should be Locked whenever I close the flap of flip cover and it should be opened whenever I open the cover
    if there is no inbuilt feature then is there any application for that ? .
    – and I don't know why I can't allow device administrators to any app , it doesn't shows accept button
    are you facing same issue ?

  4. awesome camara review… liked it
    could you tell me is this phone made in India or China ? after update or not.. is there any difference between made in India and China models in camara department..
    thank you

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