Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 32gb vs Samsung Galaxy J7 Speed Test Camera test and Full Comparison

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comparison video betwwen j7 and redmi note 3 in all aspects speed test camera test ram managment test all things

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13 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 32gb vs Samsung Galaxy J7 Speed Test Camera test and Full Comparison

  1. Compare on different screens the photos will give a difference, bro, will not to know well what is the best in all cases, although this Video has to see that the camera's j7 is a little better. But congratulations for your video.

  2. no I think camera of redmi 3 is better than j7…….and u r using redmi 3 during comparison in low brightness…………..I think so if I m wrong plz correct me…..

  3. Nice video…but i wanna say that Super Amoled or Amoled is not betr den IPS….both are betr in teir own ways…ive seen many reviews about screen and they say both have their own pros

  4. Hey bro…. i am a tech youtuber …. I have seen your couple of videos…they are very good…. do you wanna collaborate with me for the next video….. it will help both of us to grow?? :-)

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