Xiaomi Redmi 3 Review – The Best Cheap Smartphone Got Better?

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Xiaomi Redmi 3 Review – The Best Cheap Smartphone Got Better?
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37 Comments on Xiaomi Redmi 3 Review – The Best Cheap Smartphone Got Better?

  1. My review: I just got this phone. It has an awesome design, a super clear camera, and even though it only get HSPA+ (not LTE) in the US, my T-Mobile network's HSPA+ speeds are almost as fast as LTE and it's hard to tell the difference from my home WiFi network. The OS is great and against what other people say, I think it doesn't look like iOS at all, but I think it's cooler than both iOS and stock Android. The only 3 things that would make this better is 1080p (but that's on the just announced 64gb version), NFC, and a more powerful GPU. But at $139 (USD + import fees), who can argue? 4.5/5

  2. I'm planning to buy this phone however how's the software ? Is it full of bug ? Do you experience some unexpected closing apps ? Specialy with apps from google store ? Thanks for the awnser !

  3. A 720p screen is more than enough and it also helps hugely with the battery life! I cant understand why everyone goes gaga over a 1080p display on a mobile device when almost all mainstream 15.6" laptop screens are still 1366×768!!!
    Lastly, how good a display is not determined by the high pixels, but companies are just following suit to not loose out in the specs game!

  4. can you give me a pic while you charging redmi 3 when your phone is off. actually i bought a redmi 3. but when i was comparing with redmi note 3, it's not looking alike. I confuse is it real or fake. So please send me a picture if you can. Thnx.

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