Xiaomi MI6 Latest Smartphone 2016 after Xiaomi mi4 and xiaomi mi5

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Xiaomi MI6 Latest Smartphone 2016

Everybody is speculating that Xiaomi, a Beijing-based mobile phone manufacturer that was established in 2010, is to release its newest model of Mi version early next year. Being from the fastest growing Android smartphone manufacturer, it is expected that Xiaomi Mi6 will be off the hook regarding its premium features. Xiaomi was only limited in the Asian market, but the 3rd leading smartphone brand worldwide will soon feature in the other global markets.

Xiaomi Mi6 is being rumored to be the first smartphone from the manufacturer to debut in US, Canada and other countries that have been waiting for a smartphone with premium features and one that is budget friendly. The Mi6 is rumored to be getting massive upgrades, and also Xiaomi intends to maintain the consumer-friendly prices as it has always done. Priced at almost half the price of most of its competitors such as LG, Apple, Samsung, and HTC, Xiaomi Mi6, it will definitely be a force to…

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