Xiaomi Mi5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultimate Camera Comparison

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Xiaomi Mi5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultimate Camera Comparison
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I got my Xiaomi Mi5 from Giztop: http://goo.gl/yYb1vq

Xiaomi Mi5 – Pros and Cons (Buyer’s Guide): https://youtu.be/9bRZ6vrN-rg

Xiaomi Mi5 Review: https://youtu.be/SBOG1UVZyaA

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: https://youtu.be/vKx1VmuOl_c

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review – The Best Smartphone Ever?: https://youtu.be/KEfBGXWe5zg

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45 Comments on Xiaomi Mi5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultimate Camera Comparison

  1. im sorry but the photos from xiaomi mi5 look better and more natural and when i look at s7 photos i see sharpening filter in action they dont look natural, if you apply sharpening filter to xiaomi mi5 it will be the same. in low light s7 wins for sure and camera stabilization

  2. both of camera is nice. but i think s7 more warm make the photos looks yellow, mi5 in the other hand looks more natural. the OIS in s7 looks better than mi5, but mi5 is not bad, it still pretty good.

  3. Kinda disappointed in the mi5 4-axis, on paper and theory it's a good technology, in performance, it's far from ideal.

    When i moved to olympus to use 5-axis stabiliser, my life changed, was shooting with a 35mm f1.8 at 20s on the nikon D7000 to using a 25mm f1.8 at 1/5 seconds on the olympus at 2 stops iso down. And the video from the olympus is far smoother than these with the incredible 5-axis, pity, was contemplating getting the xiaomi ceramic model just for that 4-axis.

  4. The Samsung has the edge on camera quality but for the price difference I could go with the Xiaomi. Also I want a dual SIM phone and certainly in the UK, Samsung don't market their Dual SIM versions – why I can't imagine. It is usually the camera that lets down Chinese phones but this xiaomi seems relatively good. So, the question is, how do the phones measure up for other features.

  5. nice video, MI5 clearly lags behind in night samples, but considering its being compared with S7 does mark it a class apart from other phones available in the market as of now.

  6. S7 beats Mi5 in most of the test but it is the price you are willing to pay for.
    May be few weeks down to road when Mi5 bugs are fix, it could best some of the S7 test

  7. Nice Comparison Done gud job…!
    s7 is more better due f 1.7 but mi5 is also doing well…but in price to value mi 5 is clear winnner..
    also s7 photos looks warm in opinion…!

  8. i dont know i am only one to feel or not..but i think s7 got some yellowish background more..might be cz of flash..n mi5 photos seems to be more real to me..

  9. the only drawback of mi5 camera are that night camera is very dark compared to S7 and the color production of camera is not vivid as S7…the others are great and satisfying

  10. As I see mi5 wins at color reproduction where S7 fails with it's yellowish white (I hate it very much, such a good camera and such a fail). But S7 way more better in img sharpness it get more details in the img.
    Also I think better OIS is at mi5 side but auto focus is better at S7.

  11. The day light images is almost same may be s7 is more sharper. The night images s7 is definitely better hands down. I think xiaomi messed up with the image processing. This camera is capable of better photos. Will like to see it's performance in manual mode with some tweaking for night photos. I think a 1/10 or 1/5 shutter speed with relatively low ISO will make the images look better.

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