Xiaomi Mi5 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 – Speed & Camera Test!

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New Mi5 64GB VS Galaxy S7 Camera and performance comparison!
S7 has already taken a price cut on Amazon! US – http://amzn.to/1MlAJeV
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28 Comments on Xiaomi Mi5 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 – Speed & Camera Test!

  1. i think the mi5 hasn't been updated because there is something wrong with it and it's much faster that it is here…in another videos it was faster than th s7 edge…>

  2. hey do u get all this devices for free from the companies to do a review and unboxing video

    and if yes then how to apply for it and what are the necessities for it to get it
    and is it a contract

    reply faster

  3. is this an 820 or Exynos, in the beginning you said this is an exynos winning in this bit up, but then you go on to say this is the first 820 I've used in comparison. maybe I misunderstood what you meant. but is it that the s7 is the 820?

  4. I would still rather the Mi5 over the S7. Yes the S7 might look the part but it is a piece of shit! Laggy, slow and jittery. I cannot believe that Samsung has still not ditched the Touchwiz and created something new.
    I personally hate stock Android too. It is too plain and you just have to add everything you need later anyway.

    I personally prefer the look of the Mi5 over the S7 too.
    If I had my choice, I would get the HTC 10 over any of these! It smashes both of these to pieces but at the cost, The Mi5 wins hands down!

  5. Need to take note that the Mi5 is generally about 30% cheaper than the Galaxy S7 and its not the Mi5 Pro either, which is somewhat better.

  6. You get what you pay. I say this as a previously Mi5 supporter (before launch), but then I realize you just can't fool with money.
    After lots of reviews & comparisons, I say definitely go with Samsung if you can afford. It's a pale comparison vs Samsung S7 in everything (speed, camera, optimization, stability, design…you name it).
    You buy Mi5 with 4GB RAM & Snapdragon 820 which performs no better than Samsung 2GB with a Snapdragon 801 under the same price bracket.
    Sure you spend twice on Samsung S7, but then you get the real Snapdragon 820 performance with 4GB RAM.

  7. It's because Chrome is not optimized for the Snapdragon Kryo architecture. Try RSBrowser which is a different build of Chromium with the optimizations.

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