Xiaomi Mi5 Vs OnePlus 2 In-depth comparison and why to buy

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Xiaomi Mi5 Vs OnePlus 2 In-depth comparison and why to buy
Xiaomi MI5

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Oneplus Two
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Check other videos in the Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQuRoWJZE9tdlciVohndfAb7kyVfMIVi7

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28 Comments on Xiaomi Mi5 Vs OnePlus 2 In-depth comparison and why to buy

  1. lol he's telling the flaws of mi5 in comment replies but not in the video.. u should update op2 and compare cus its not fair comparing with outdated os

  2. get the oxygen os 3.0 beta … then compare wid it /,… mi5 such a worst phone.. build quality is the worst thing .. over all oneplus 2 is better than mi5 ..

  3. I like stock android feel , and I didn't like miui !! Lots of needed features were missing , and I don't have PC so it would be difficult for me to run another rom , where as Oneplus 2 has every feature from the stock android and it doesn't look like a rip off sink we see now a days in all the phones

  4. My fingerprint scanner is faster then what you showed , it doesn't take 2-3 seconds , yah not as fast as mi5 but still , and it's more about marshmellow, because lollipop was not ready for fingerprints functionality… And I won't call that over saturated display a better quality, it doesn't look real , I really like the display of OP2 , and the black bars around mi5 was a big deal breaker for me , but still OP2 heats a bit and SD810 is just not good , not at all !! Other than that I was ok with OP2 so I bought it , hope they salve heating issues

  5. for a device with such time gap between launches , oneplus2 is awesome 😀 , camera is great !, and ram management on OP2 is way better than mi5 , and try testin again with 3.0 oxygen , marshmallow is way stable ,

  6. Oneplus have saturation options for screen … maybe yours was set on cool side, because the OPT I am using is having very vibrant display. Plus, you forget to mention that mi5 bends like a biscuit!

  7. It's clear that you are running OxygenOS 3.0 on OPT. The fingerprint reader is way faster than it was on lollipop. Please try it and then compare the fingerprint readers on both phones. :)

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