Xiaomi MI5 vs Iphone 6S Speed Test Surprise !!!!!

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43 Comments on Xiaomi MI5 vs Iphone 6S Speed Test Surprise !!!!!

  1. Прикол в том что айос не держит открытые программы в своей памати тоесть если ты свернул она не работает в андройде наоборот и чем больше програм игр И так далее открыл тем медлее будет работать андройд

  2. IPhone definitely better here, but considering the price difference between the two places phones it's hardly unexpected. I always expect the iPhone to do better with games in particular, most games are better customised for iOS than Android, that's just a fact.

  3. A lot of apps and games aren't optimized for the Mi5 yet, therefor even if the phone had SnapDragon 820 and 4 gigs of ram it wouldn't be as fast as a lot of other fully optimized smartphones out there.

  4. This is why I can't stand android right now. No matter how much specs u throw at it, it still feels lacking in performance and smoothness. With even 3gb ram, I always sense that some app will randomly close on me in background.

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