Xiaomi Mi5 vs iPhone 6S Plus – Speed & Camera Test!

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Speed, Camera and performance test between New Xiaomi Mi5 64GB and iPhone 6S Plus !
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39 Comments on Xiaomi Mi5 vs iPhone 6S Plus – Speed & Camera Test!

  1. Probably isn't the most accurate comparison of the phones, but thanks for the hard work.

    The only thing I really can't stand is how he pronounced 'Xiao Mi'. I heard sound similar to "Shao" instead of "Xiao" (which is different), so it kind of weird for me.

  2. Fuck! iPhone is too expensive. iPhone runs iOS and A9 chip which is both designed by Apple so software & hardware tuning is both better on an iPhone .Also iPhone uses Metal technology which helps to utilize maximum performance of GPU as well as CPU . Mi devices are not tuned specifically for software and hardware so they are not fast as an iPhone but definitely Android offers more features than iOS So Mi is the clear winner here.

  3. this is bullshit :
    1. XiaoMi was almost dead so it activated balance power mode which makes it slower and secondly that turns off performance mode and Apple was full battery
    2. He is human so how can he be sure that every is perfectly timed
    3. How do you know how he didn't toggle with the phones
    4. He forgot to mention the hardware
    5. 4 axis camera on Mi5
    6. etc.

  4. 小米5只有在中国发布,国外没有所以网络制式不一样,打开网页慢,他拿的是低配版本,要拿高配版小米5比。Millet 5 only released in China and overseas not so different network standard, open the pages slowly, he took the is low with version, to get high version of the millet 5.

  5. Yes sure but the biggest problem is the iphone 6 or 6 plus is high twice then the xiaomi phone but iphone have better performance but again the problem is also apple is close os and android open u can ease transfer files to android apple have all time problems

  6. ultimately… thing is that one of the most worst phone if i have ever experienced i.e xioami… guys after 10-12 months later xiaomi will show you its true colour… everythg going with xiaomi is only coz of this internet…. but really guys plzzz dont buy this phone… if you truly wan to know its performance plz visit the service centers… u will realize…i experinced thats why i m sharing….worst fooling phone ever made…

  7. compiled vs interpreted prgramming language and still trying to compare lol. But the consumers perspective counts after all so well done 😉 I have to say that the processor hasnt so much impact for different OS though. Technically apples chips are like under -9000 and the snap 820 at about 6500 on the db scale. Furthermore I think the white balance of the iphone is way off

  8. the browser comparison was pretty unfair. You should have, of course, used the Xiaomi inbuilt browser. I also found Chrome really slow on the Chinese ROMs and think it's an actual fault.

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