Xiaomi Mi5: The Best Phone of 2016?

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Xiaomi’s latest handset is here, and it delivers a beautiful display, long battery life, fast specs, and a fingerprint sensor for an amazingly low price! Here are my first impressions.

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6 Comments on Xiaomi Mi5: The Best Phone of 2016?

  1. Xiaomi does make great price/performance/feature devices.. But, at what cost? The true price is supporting technological intellectual property theft, of which most oft targeted are American companies. A division of the CCP Army is a legit legion of Chinese hackers that spend all day attempting to hack foreign business servers to steal IP, then send findings to an official government sponsored reverse engineering facility, where every facet is analyzed & passed on once further to knockoff factories.. They have 0 respect for western IP in reality, but bringing that up publicly would only serve to strain our relations.. Sort of like since how 1999 we've overlooked the genocide of 20 million of their own citizens for practicing an exercise equivalent to Tai Chi/Yoga.. They also have an Apple factory with over 10,000 employees of which is infamous for having at least a suicide/week jumping off the roof. I'm all for free trade between nations, but not when what they market is stolen from others.. And also not when said countries tariff western imports making it impossible for their own populations to afford goods made elsewhere! Trump only speaks of implementing a 35% tariff, as a hard ball tactic to get other countries to remove theirs! If everyone has a 35% tariff, foreign governments will be hard pressed to unilaterally revoke them all in support of freer trade. Current trade policies are very old, & many acceptances of Cold War era deals no longer make sense, since the Cold War's over, & the US can no longer afford the mutually assured economic destruction any other single nations collapse would incur.. Because soon the lender of last resort won't be around to bailout irresponsible countries.

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