Xiaomi Mi5 Review – The Beast of a Smartphone. For Less

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Xiaomi Mi5 Review – The Beast of a Smartphone. For Less
Xiaomi Mi5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: https://youtu.be/Ki-S5atjFkE
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23 Comments on Xiaomi Mi5 Review – The Beast of a Smartphone. For Less

  1. video quality is bad again…if you move you phone it's getting nervous images too bad xiaomi…bought the black version but still not available pfffff

  2. Very nice review !! But please add one correction. The screen can be unlocked directly even when the screen is off, You need not press the volume button to wake it up and then unlock.

  3. I like your reviews! you do a great job!
    Is it possible to add the google search bar? is it possible to use another browser other than google chrome? Thanks!

  4. It is clear that Xiaomi Mi5 battles with Flagships from major brands in all the aspects for less than half the price but does the Cameras match up with the name of "FLAGSHIP"??? Does it compete in terms of camera with major brands???

  5. Good first review. Unfortunate that fp scanner doesn't work with screen off like the oneplus 2, nexus, Huawei. Wish I could get my hands on one and work with lte in the USA

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