Xiaomi Mi5, HTC M10, LG G5 – Final leaks and rumours!

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Xiaomi Mi5, HTC M10, LG G5 are one of the biggest flagship
smartphones launching this year along with the biggest competitors-Samsung GALAXY S7 and iPhone 7.This video is about the final leaks and rumours of these devices.

This is the episode 3 of the #TRIPHONATHON series.

In this first episode, I have covered the Samsung GALAXY S7.It will be the first smartphone to have Qualcomm’s octacore Snapdragon 820 processor. It will have 4 GB of RAM, 12 MP camera, 3d touch like functionality and much more is talked about in the video.

In the second episode of a series called TRIPHONATHON which will be having 3 episodes where I will be telling about the biggest upcoming smartphones of 2016.

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